Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint Protection

Carey’s are proud to work alongside Jewelultra Diamondbrite to bring our clients a superb Paint and Fabric protection service. Brand new for 2021 we’ve added jewelultra full ceramic protection to our packages. This brand new protection has proved to be hugely popular already and we’ll be delighted to talk you through both the traditional diamond brite and the new ceramic.

We have tried and sampled every paint protection widely used on the market today and firmly believe diamondbrite to be the best available. This decision is based solely on giving our clients what we believe to be the best product, at an affordable price. With the ceramic product, this one stage treatment adds ultra water bead, gloss and hardness to the surface, it truly is a game changer.


From the moment you buy your car it is under attack from the elements that surround us every day. Bird lime, tree sap, road salt, and acid rain all add up to a cocktail that can and will damage your cars paintwork. Bird lime especially can eat into a cars paint work and leave a damaging stain. Whilst polishing can offer similar results paint protection is a permanent procedure and a must have for anyone wanting to keep that “as new” feeling. Diamondbrite is a two stage application applied on top of the paint work creating a barrier to protect the surface. The glaze stage two binds with the stage one during a curing process to leave the paintwork feeling softer and slippy. Dirt finds it harder to cling on to the surface which makes cleaning easier. The paint work will also have a permanent as polished look and bead up when wet.


As standard the full paint protection is included. The fabric is also treated to a protection that will prevent spillages from staining Diamondbrite comes with a life time warranty, and of course we will take you through the small print ! We also include a small aftercare box that has the shampoo and conserver bottles you will need to top up the protection, alternatively you can ask us to pay you a monthly visit.


Quite simple. We will come to your door and carry out the service in front of you. We will take the time that this service and your car deserves.

Sadly we find that dealers make a lot of money on paint protection and that you the customer have to “trust” that the service has been done. On a new vehicle it would be difficult to tell the difference between a protected and unprotected car as they tend to have a slippy paint glaze from new. This glaze will wear off after about a month, long enough for you to be well away from the showroom having paid your money. Sadly we see this every month, normally from first time clients who have had the paint protection “included” in the sale !

We will take you through all the finer details insuring that your left with the result your car deserves.

Advance booking a must

Standard diamond brite

From £195-£295

Ceramic diamondbrite

From £395 – £750

Pricing is dependant on location, vehicle and preparation required prior to application