Valeting Price List

Valeting Price List


Giving the exterior some Love

  • Exterior pre clean using citrus degreaser
  • De contamination clean to alloys and lower body
  • Safe two bucket wash and wax using plush wash mitt and Carey’s premium shampoo
  • Safe plush towel dry and window polish
  • Wheel protection spray added and tyre dress
  • Hybrid nano sealant applied to exterior body giving gloss and protection.



  • Full interior clean and sanitise to all vents, stalks, and contact points including steering leaving them refreshed.
  • Deep interior extraction shampoo to all seating, carpets, matts, and boot areas removing stubborn stains and debris.
  • Luxury snow foam shampoo to headlining
  • Vehicle finished with luxury blast air freshener.



This premium interior valet is highly recommended for those with leather interior seating.
Includes all details covered on the interior valet plus ; The hide is cleansed using a premium hide shampoo restoring its colour and feel The hide is treated to a leather balm protection designed to offer protection whilst keeping the hide soft and supple.



(Please note if you have stains on your fabric seats then you will need to select either the complete valet or full interior valet)


  • Exterior degreaser
  • Decontamination clean
  • Safe wash and wax plus towel dry
  • Hybrid nano sealant
  • Alloy protection plus tyre dress


  • Full interior detail to all contact surfaces
  • Hoover and cleanse using luxury snow foam shampoo to seating, carpets and matts and boot.


Carey’s complete valet

Our 3 hour deep clean, now our most popular service


  • Citrus degreaser.
  • Decontamination clean to wheels and lower body. Safe two bucket wash.
  • Premium Carey’s wash and wax shampoo applied using luxury mitt.
  • Rinse followed by plush towel dry. Window and wheel protection spray added.
  • Carey’s ceramic glaze applied to exterior body giving ultra beading and gloss.


  • Full interior detail to all contact surfaces including steering, vents, dashboard and stalks leaving them cleaned and sanitised.
  • Deep interior shampoo to all seating, matts, and boot areas removing stubborn stains and debris. The headlining is treated to a luxury snow foam shampoo.
  • Any leather surface is treated to our premium leather clean and balm protection.
  • Finished with luxury air blast fragrance.

For odours such as cigarette or pet, we highly recommend finishing with our odour bomb treatment at £20 extra. Please advise whilst booking.


£150 for 7 seater vehicles